Summer update

It was such a wet spring, the dryness of the last few weeks has surprised us. It’s hot (for here) as well and has actually hit 90 (although it was still in the low 60s that night).  Rain is expected tonight but it often splits at the mountains and goes north and south of us.

in truth, we love it up here. We love the weather and we love the friendly people and the laid back atmosphere. That’s why it pains me to report that we looking to sell the bed and breakfast and, as such, we have been taking fewer reservations. Of course, we plan to honor all of the outstanding bookings through the end of 2017, (August and October, in particular, are so very busy here).  We will take reservations from people via phone, when we are able, and if those calls are made at a reasonable time of day (PLEASE, no more calls from the road at midnight looking for a room for that night. There are several hotels at exits 19 and 7 who can more easily accommodate those kinds of requests.).

We have loved most of our guests and feel privileged to have met each of them. We just feel like it’s time to move on to the next challenge, whatever that might be.