Eleanor is Missing

It seems like since we have been open, we don’t post much in the old bloggeroony.  I guess some of that is because we are busy doing the real job…. cleaning, cooking, entertaining, keeping up the house, etc.  I think another reason is that we would hate to turn people off when they read the blog.  I know I had a whine session in one posting a while ago and it seems like bookings dropped off afterwards, so there may be something to it.

I guess there’s a fine line between entertainment and offense.

That being said (and speaking of offense), it’s been awhile since we discussed our resident ghosts.  We had some ghost chasers at the house a while back and they say they had some conversations with the lady ghost (the man ghost reportedly hides in the attic when there are strangers in the house).  They said they went into the room the lady ghost frequents and they could see a dent in the bed on the recorded video (but not with the naked eye).  They say they asked her to wiggle the doorknob (which is something guests sometimes report happening), and she did.  They asked her what her name is and she said “Elendor” like the name on the bedroom door.  At the time, I figured she was just messing with them because the name Elendor is from MY family, not the family that built and lived in this house for 100 years.  And this spirit had been prone to playing tricks in the past like hiding items, banging on walls, and for a little while, dropping things.

However, I went back to Ancestry and resumed research on the family and, guess what I found?  A census record where Cora’s mother was called Eleanor.  I thought her middle name was Ellen like Cora’s but in 1850 she is listed as Eleanor (or Elleanor).  It makes sense they would call her by her middle name since she and her mother shared the name, Mary.  I don’t know why she would be here since she died in 1909 and, the family says this house was built in 1915.  But the county says the house is from 1880 so some piece of it may be that old.

Well, back to the offense part.  Not long after the ghosthunter visit, we were sitting on the front porch enjoying the view, like we often do at this time of year, when I looked over and noticed the rocking chairs on the other side of the porch rocking along with no one in them.  The ghost hunters mentioned that the household spirits like to rock.  Like an idiot, I went over to the rockers and waved my hands in front of the rockers. I don’t know why, really.  “Was the air colder there? Was there a feeling of ectoplasm?” I don’t know but let me tell you this: The rockers stopped moving and I haven’t seen them move by themselves since then.  I guess if someone was sitting there, I poked them in the face or maybe slapped them.

It has been quiet, spiritwise, since then.  Maybe the ghosts were just happy to be identified and then they went away.  Or maybe, more likely, she didn’t care for being slapped.  Items don’t disappear like they used to and then suddenly show back up.  Items don’t fall off the shelf with no human interaction.  No one has reported the door knobs jiggling. What is it that people say about not knowing how much you will miss something until it’s gone? Dang.

Eleanor, come back! We miss you!

Kendrick Tree

Kendrick Tree

1850 Census

1850 Washington County VA Census

Spooky rockers

Spooky rockers rock themselves